Read the following articles then answer the following questions.


What is the difference between defamation, slander and libel?

Why were libel laws first introduced?

Why is it possible to review shows/films/performances and not be sued for libel?

Why did Dr. Sarah Thornton win her case against the Telegraph?

The super-injunction protecting Ryan Giggs privacy was broken by John Hemming MP - why was this allowed?

Name 3 problems with UK libel law:

Which individual are liable for libel on the magazine?

Press Complaints Commission

Read this article

And answer these questions.

What is the role of the Press Complaints Commission?

What do you understand by the terms ‘self-regulatory’?

How is the press different in terms of regulation to TV and broadcast?

Why is the PCC seen as ineffective?

What is set to replace the PCC?

UNIT AO2 & AO3 continued


The layout is very playful and full of intertextuality and jokes - the Xerox look of Zack Snyder, the use of pink which goes against conventional male representation, the plane, the pun of Zack to Front. This 'in-the-know' attitude is how they see their approach to films and how they want their audience to be.
There's one clear entry point with the large drop cap but mainly it is all text. The design is clear and clean. It is unconventional in its use of diagrams and the lack of imagery from the film.

Total Film
The article (just like mag) has multiple entry points for the reader - box out, pull quote, captions, drop caps.
The imagery is taken from the film and includes a behind the scenes image suggesting the reader is getting a sneak look at the film makers process.
The main title has a metallic look to build upon the title of the film and is on the right of the DPS. 
It's a very conventional presentation of imagery and text designed to easily negotiated by the reader.


You should produce a detailed evaluation covering fitness for purpose and appeal to target audience, referring to specific parts of your graphic design products. 

You should make a number of references to client feedback. 

You should compare your products with professional items. 

You should explain and evaluate their choice of equipment and software. 

You should describe how you responded to the client and suggest a range of improvements. 


You must add some evaluation slides to your marketing presentation covering the feedback you received and describing potential changes to the product and changes to the marketing plan.

Feedback should be evaluated in terms of: 

• changes to the advertising products and also your game if appropriate. 

• changes to the marketing plan 

Your evaluation slides should show potential improvements to the product and the marketing plan based on audience feedback. 

The slides should make appropriate use of images, graphs and charts to convey meaning in an accessible and comprehensive format.


The marketing plan should include: 

• a review of the market for this type of product 

• a description of the target audience/consumer and the potential market 

• the aims of an advertising campaign 

• a draft/storyboard/script for two possible adverts 

• a draft/storyboard/script for two possible promotions 

• a schedule for the release of the adverts/promotions 

• a description of how feedback on the campaign will be gained 

• an explanation of the potential use of two official research bodies in gaining feedback 

• an explanation of the role of the ASA and other official bodies in influencing the content of adverts.  

Each member of the group should produce a production diary showing that they: 

• took part in a meeting to choose the type of advertisement/promotion 

• produced ideas/material for content 

• edited material 


According to Doubleclick, which is Google's advertising division, in 2013 clickthrough rates of different kinds of banner advertising were as follows:

Use this data to determine the likely number of clicks per view of your own banner ads. You will need to know how many times the ad is likely to be seen depending on the traffic generated by your chosen site.